How to Avoid a Second DUI Charge

Getting a DUI charge can feel like swimming deep into the ocean; you know you made a mistake, but it’s so hard to get back to shore. Getting a second DUI is even worse.How can you avoid a second DUI charge? You have to ask some questions.What did you drink before?What exactly did you drink prior to being charged with drinking and driving? How much, what brand, where were you – these questions can all help you avoid the second DUI charge. Everyone has tolerances. If you just started drinking regularly, such as a college student, you may not know how alcohol affects you. On the other hand, if you’ve been drinking for decades, you should know your limit. Unfortunately, some know their at the limit and still drive.Why were you pulled over the first time?What led to your getting pulled over in the first place? Were you driving poorly, or did you get pulled over for speeding? You should again consider what you drink and how much. If it was fairly obvious to the arresting officer you were drinking just by your driving, it’s clear alcohol has some major affects on you.Did you drink too much again?If you consistently drink in excess, you may need some professional help. While some do suffer from alcoholism, others simply make a few mistakes and get some bad luck. If you drink too much again, you can either not drive, or drive and risk a second DUI. If this is after the fact, you need to consult with legal counsel.Do you have a lawyer?Were you represented by a lawyer on your first DUI? Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer is essential in making a strong defense. If you skip the lawyer, and plead guilty, you are pleading guilty to the maximum of penalties. Of course, if you feel the DUI is wrong, there are cases where charges can be dropped or cut down significantly.The Punishments for a Second DUIA second DUI may mean felony charges. This all depends on what happened on your first DUI, and then on your second. If, for example, you crashed in your first DUI and someone was hurt, you may have been charged with a felony already. On the other hand, if you simply have two basic DUI charges, you will face punishment but it may not be a felony. You typically have a longer license suspension, more fines, potentially longer jail time, and longer probation.Getting Legal CounselThere are countless lawyers who specialize in DUI law. While not all are equally as effective, you do have some options, and can choose based on experience (the most important), availability, and price. What’s that? You don’t need a lawyer? Even if you feel guilty, you always need a lawyer when being charged with any serious crime, and DUI is a serious crime. Forgoing a lawyer is not an option, especially for a second DUI.