How to Find a Good Defense Lawyer


Hiring a good defense lawyer is an extremely important decision because your freedom or lack thereof will depend on the expertise of your lawyer. An attorney to defend your legal rights is crucial if you have been accused of a crime or believe you are going to be arrested. When you need representation, naturally you will want the very best, so do not try to spare expenses.Expensive does not Always Mean BetterOf course, just because a lawyer is expensive does not mean they will be the best one, so keep a few other things in mind when searching for the best attorney for your needs. A good defense attorney will have experience in the court room as well as plea bargaining experience. Check the reputation of the lawyer you are considering hiring when it comes to the number of losses and wins they have. One with many losses may not be the one you want to hire to protect your rights.Qualified and Experienced Attorneys are CrucialTheir qualifications are extremely important as well. How long have they been practicing law? Do they plea bargain more than they actually go to court? Are they comfortable in the court room? You will want to ask about the cost of your defense if this is going to become a long, drawn out process. How many years have they been practicing? All of these questions are important to find an attorney that is experienced enough to handle your case.The last thing you want to do is walk into court with a lawyer who has never handled a case before a judge. When you find one that you think could handle your case, you will always want an initial consultation so you can meet the lawyer and see how you feel about this person. Are you comfortable with them?Do they seem knowledgeable especially in the area of the law that concerns your case? Lawyers defend different types of cases and you will need one that is very knowledgeable in the type of charges you are facing. If your charges are going to be plea-bargained rather than going to court which many cases are, the lawyer you choose should also have experience in this area as well.The lawyer needs to be a good negotiator to ensure that you get the best plea bargain possible. They are going to be advising you on the favorable and non-favorable aspects of accepting a plea bargain. So it is imperative that they know what they are talking about – after all this is your freedom that is in jeopardy.A good defense attorney will have the proficiency to research your case. Many cases have been won by finding laws that set precedence in the type of case you may have. Searching old laws via the Internet or using law books is a must for researching your charges and effectively arguing your case.This is a decision that should not be made in haste. Choosing the first one you find on the Internet or in the telephone book is not going to be in your best interests. If you were having a major surgery performed would you just choose the first surgeon you found? Find a good defense attorney by doing your research and asking the right questions.