Los Angeles DUI Attorneys – What You Need to Know!


When a person is charged with DUI, or driving under the influence, they usually do not know where they should turn or who will be able to help them. They often wake up in a jail cell and are not aware of what rights they do and do not have at that time, how long they have to spend in jail, or how they will manage their life (such as bills and other life expenses) while they are locked up. This is a very scary and disturbing time for these people and it is often their first offense.If you have found yourself being charged with a DUI or if you know someone who is facing these charges, it is important to understand the process and to get a DUI attorney as quickly as possible.One of the worst places to be charged with a DUI is in Los Angeles, California, because the state of California does not take DUI offenses lightly. The state will prosecute with full force, so it is extremely important that the beginning stages of the DUI process be handled with care by experienced and competent teams of Los Angeles DUI attorneys.After posting bail, the person being charged with the DUI charges will be set free but their time is far from served. They will be given a court date for a “hearing,” where a judge will evaluate the evidence, hear from the prosecutor, and listen to anything that the defendant has to say. It is not required for the defendant to attend the hearing, but doing so will help turn the judge’s ruling in their favor.It is possible to have the state appoint you a Los Angeles DUI attorney, but state appointed lawyers do not always have your best interest in mind. They are paid a salary that is not dependent on your winning the case. They will treat you like an addition to their workload, not like a person who needs their help.To receive adequate legal counsel at your DUI hearing, you need to hire an experienced and competent Los Angeles DUI attorney from WeDoDUI.com right now.