Nursing Homes Are Not Always a Safe Place

Nursing homes are not always a safe place for family members; they are only as good as the employees that are the caregivers for the residents living there. These are the aging adults that should be provided with all of the personal attention they need to stay healthy and happy in their golden years.When the aging person is not given the level of care they need it can be detrimental to their health. For the resident that is confined to bed or a wheel chair if not given the proper care at the Santa Ana or other Orange County nursing home, it can result in painful bedsores, these are known as pressure sores and if not cared for properly can turn into decubitus ulcers. This can be dangerous and are completely avoided with the proper care. The proper care means rotating the resident, so that the bones do not put pressure on the muscles, tissue and skin for to long of an amount of time.There are other problems that can occur without the proper care in the nursing home, even when the family thinks they have chosen the right Santa Ana nursing home. These can be neglect that results in conditions like dehydration, malnutrition and even scabies, which are a mite that can pass from resident to resident.The nursing home is ultimately responsible for the care given the elderly resident that lives there, this means they should be held as responsible for any of the health conditions that put these people at risk. They have employed the staff and while the person employed there is responsible, they would not be in the position to cause an aging person to be neglected if they had not been hired.When an elderly family member suffers the neglect that causes pressure sores, dehydration, malnutrition or any other form of abuse. At the hands of the nursing home and its employees, the family needs an Orange County elderly abuse attorney.This should be a time when the aging adult can relax and be taken care of, they should not be placed in dangerous health situations, neglected or abused in any way. This is why an Orange County elderly abuse attorney will hold not only the employee responsible, but also the owner of the Santa Ana nursing home requires a Santa Ana nursing home injury lawyer, to go after the person(s)that was responsible for hiring the employee that caused the elderly neglect.