On the Worst Day of Your Life Call an Accident Attorney

It’s 3 o’clock on Sunday morning, the house is quiet and you and your spouse are sound asleep. The phone rings. The sound is deafening as a million thoughts immediately race through your head. You quickly answer the phone and realize your worst nightmare has come true, your son has been shot.You try and make sense of what’s happening. You drop the phone, not quite sure if this is all a dream, but your spouse takes over and learns the details. Luckily your son is alive, but badly injured. He had been attending a campus gathering, a fight ensued, and your son was an innocent bystander.How could this happen, after all, he’s in college, a place that is supposed to be a safe environment for a young person. As you gather your things and rush to be at your son’s side, the questions keep mounting. Once you see your son, and the condition he is in, you are bombarded by all sorts of emotions. As more family members arrive at the hospital, you console one another, and give each other courage.But where do you go from here? Your family and friends, regardless of how loving and supportive they are, don’t have all the answers. You need to turn to a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury attorney will be the one fighting for you and your son’s rights when you don’t know what to do.A lawyer that specializes in personal injury and accidents is on your side to make sure that what happened to your family is taken care of in the right way. Institutions are obligated by law to maintain a safe environment. You have the right to be protected when entering any place of business, especially an educational institution. How was a gun allowed on campus?What measures do they have in place to prevent such a thing from happening, if any? A premises lawyer will get the answers to these and many other questions. Failing to take proper care of something is called negligence, and the property owner is responsible. When people don’t put safety first, you are the one that could end up paying.Sadly, in many personal injury cases, the situation was avoidable had the property owner taken the proper precautions. It is very important to contact an accident attorney immediately so he can assess your situation and advise you on how to proceed. A lawyer will not only help you deal with the horrible situation your family is facing. He will give your son a voice.You are not alone. In these tragic situations, no matter how bad it is there is a way through. A personal injury attorney will make sure you and your family are taken care of. This way you can spend less time being worried and frustrated, and more time focusing on your son, and getting your life back to normal.