San Diego DUI Lawyer Can Get Your Charges Dropped With Technicalities

Last summer and during the Labor Day weekend, there were around 1097 driving under the Influence arrests made based on the statistics of the California Avoid Program. What was also interesting that during that time there were no DUI fatal collisions. This goes to show how important and effective police enforcement is regarding DUI. Though the highways are great to drive in with its wide roads and easy access, they also can be dangerous as cars go on high speeds and any person driving under the influence is potentially a killer. For this reason a DUI misdemeanor arrest is the lesser of a DUI arrest with a felony charge of murder in cases of a fatal collision.San Diego has its share of DUI cases in the courtroom averaging 15000 a year. Its high rate may come especially from those who crossed the border during a long weekend or holiday and are rushing back not quite sober as they hoped to be. Still, with the arrest, there is a chance of some of these defendants in pleading their case especially if there is a good San Diego DUI lawyer around who takes their case. Why a local hire? Perhaps its is because of their knowledge of the local scene especially with the police enforcement and the local courts, that they may be able to get you out and have those charges dropped, especially on technicalities that they are familiar with. Some of them are:- Were you told of your rights when having the test? The field sobriety tests are voluntary and you have a right not to take the test and may opt for the blood alcohol test, breath analysis test or the urine analysis test instead. If you were not told that the field sobriety tests were voluntary, you may have a good case.- Do you have medical condition that may taint the breath test? Having bad breath or dental problems may actually hold alcohol in your mouth that may contaminate the exam. If you have an acid reflux syndrome problem or a gastro esophageal reflux condition, this can also be a condition exempting you from the breath testing- If you were talking cough drops or even altoids and strong mints when the breath testing was done, this could also affect the test results and show higher alcohol resultsThough hiring a San Diego DUI lawyer may cost some money, at the very least you get a fighting chance in defending yourself against a DUI conviction which will leave a permanent spot on your record and may make you lose your license for 6 months. You may even have to spend some time in jail and pay a fine.