Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of a criminal offense, you will want to select the best criminal defense attorney possible. Being arrested or accused of a crime can seem like a nightmare. If you or a family member has been falsely accused, it may be a frightening experience indeed. Getting a criminal defense attorney on your side rapidly is crucial. Calling a good lawyer in to defend you is a must. Here are some things to think about:- Cases these lawyers handle: Some examples of criminal cases that law firms handle include DUIs (drinking under the influence of alcohol), property crimes, white collar crime, sexual offices, illegal drug trafficking and possession. The laws concerning alcohol consumption and driving vary from state to state. Property crimes may be theft, burglary, defacement of property. White collar offenses include embezzling, improper accounting procedures and tax evasion. Sexual offenses may include rape, misconduct with a minor or prostitution. Drug offenses include possession, selling, falsifying prescriptions and trafficking.- False arrest: One item that the law firm will check into is whether the arrest was made properly. Police officers must follow specific procedures in order to protect the rights of all citizens. Bounty hunters and security guards are less experienced and trained than police officers so tend to be the perpetrators of false arrests more often.- False imprisonment: This is when a person is held against their will without proper procedure. Even parents or boot camp reform schools have been charged with this offense for their overzealous controlling of children’s and teenagers’ behaviors.- A warrant is necessary: An arresting officer must possess a warrant signed by a judge. Searches must be carried out only after probable cause and proper procedures have been completed.- Experience and reputation: Before employing a legal representative, it’s important to learn about their level of experience and their reputation within the community. Word-of-mouth referrals, online lawyer review websites and reading about successful court cases in newspapers and online can be good ways to track down a competent law firm and representative.- Local firm: It’s often preferable to have a local law firm defending your rights. A local expert will be well versed with all matters in your community. He or she will know the judges and the court system quite well. Being well networked and entrenched within a community will often be a strong reason to hire a criminal defense attorney.- Able to negotiate court system: It takes a trained attorney to be able to navigate the complex court system. Some citizens may want to defend themselves but this isn’t a good idea. If a person can’t afford their own representative, they have a legal right to a court appointed professional.- Initial consultation: Meeting with the lawyer to ask and answer questions is a wise idea. Both sides will learn whether this business association is a good match.When a person or one of their family members has been accused of a crime, they need to find a good criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Their reputation and the well being of their loved ones depend on it.