The Dangers of Internal Organ Damage

Internal organ damage refers to any sort of trauma an individual suffers that causes him or her to suffer injuries to one or more internal organ. In many cases, these injuries occur when an individual suffers blunt trauma, usually to the head or to the abdomen.Though the human body has natural safeguards against these injuries in the ribcage and the skull, some instances of blunt trauma are so strong that they still manage to damage an individual’s organs. This may happen in accidents such as:
Automobile crashes
Slips and falls
Sports injuriesThese accidents, depending on the severity, may cause an individual to suffer serious injuries, including:
Collapsed lungs
Ruptured spleens
Kidney and liver damageIn many cases, individuals who suffer these injuries are unaware of their ailments until they suffer an unusual side effect that causes them to seek medical attention. These symptoms may include loss of consciousness, malaise, drowsiness, aches and pains, or memory loss.When these injuries go untreated, individuals may suffer serious long term side effects. These effects vary depending on which organ suffers damage. For instance, an individual may suffer amnesia after brain damage or internal bleeding after an abdominal injury.Individuals who suffer organ damage usually sustain these injuries in accidents that occur because of another person’s negligence. The victims of these negligent actions may be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries if they decide to pursue legal action.Individuals wishing to pursue legal action should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer for more information about filing a lawsuit, as well as to receive proper legal counsel.If you or someone you love suffered internal organ damage because of another person’s negligent actions, discuss your legal rights and options with the Atlanta personal injury attorneys of Webb, Wade, Taylor & Thompson, LLC.