The Top Recommendations For the Best Places to Eat in Urban Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is a wonderful city that has a lot of great attributes for people living there as well as the many tourists that visit there annually. With the Summer Olympics having been held in Atlanta a little over a decade ago, more attention was made to improve many various elements about the city and the surrounding areas too. One thing that people can count on getting in southern cities like Atlanta, is delicious food says a prominent personal injury lawyer and personal injury attorney. Not all of the food found in Atlanta, however are cooked southern style. There are many great restaurants located in the city and this article will offer some of those recommendations for some of the best there.The top rated restaurant in Atlanta is the Ritz Carlton Dining Room located in the fine hotel. It is a five star restaurant that is a fusion of Asian, French and Mediterranean dishes making it a delicious and unique blend of choices which features a setting that is luxurious which is fitting for a five star dining experience and the average entrée on the menu is quite pricey at $110. The wine list is as exotic as the food choices with selections being offered from all around the world. The Ritz-Carlton hotel is located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta and if you want a fancy dining experience and are willing to pay for it, then the dining room there is the place for you.Another top rated restaurant in Atlanta is named Nam and it specializes in Asian and Vietnamese cuisine and is located in Midtown Atlanta. The setting is actually quite romantic with candles, fresh flowers and beautiful artwork giving it a sensual feel. Nam is a family owned and run establishment that has a loyal clientele who love the fresh ingredients used in the exotic Asian dishes. The staff is excellent and understands that many Americans may not be familiar with the items on the menu and are quite helpful in describing the different choices. Some of the things you may order there are lotus root salad and a steamed sea bass in a banana parcel as well as shaking Kobe beef. The restaurant also offers a patio for outdoor seating too.The third restaurant recommendation is Aria which has an American type of food that is prepared and done in creative ways by Chef Gerry Klaskala. This restaurant opened up in the Buckhead neighborhood in 2000 and has been a favorite of the area ever since with it’s sleek décor and style inside the restaurant and what is referred to as slow food in the area. Some of the favorite selections on the menu are Georgia mountain trout with crab smashed potatoes and green beans or the zinfandel braised beef short ribs with celery whipped potatoes and sugar snap peas. The desserts made by the pastry chef are also infamous in their taste and presentation.These were the three top rated eateries in Atlanta. There are obviously many more great restaurants to be found there.