Tips For Having a Safe Summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year. The weather is great, people can get outside, and there is plenty of time to be active and enjoy friends because kids are out of school. Teens often enjoy this sense of freedom more than anyone else, and they relish their relaxed curfews and lack of homework. Most people look back fondly on the summers they celebrated during their adolescence. Unfortunately, a lot of this fun comes with increased risk of accident. Young children will be running and playing outdoors in shorts and tank tops, increasing their risk of busted up knees and bloodied elbows. Older kids have a tendency to feel invincible, especially during the long hot days of summer that feel as if they are going to live forever. Teens tend to have occasional lapses of using good judgment and therefore have careless behavior and make poor decisions. If things get serious and your teen experiences as serious accident, contact a personal injury attorney or personal injury lawyer. A summer mistake should not last a lifetime, even if someone is injured. Hopefully, there will only be minor accidents and summer will still be a great time. A great way to avoid putting a damper on your summer is to plan ahead.Sun exposure may not seem like a serious problem, but too much sun can keep you out of commission for several days or more during the summer. If you are spending your days at the beach or lake, you may not even realize how your skin is being exposed to the sun. Splashing in the water will keep you cool, and before you know it, you have seriously burned your skin. If you will be out in the sun for any period of time at all, be sure to lather on the sun lotion. If you are participating in outdoor activities, you should choose a lotion with a high SPF rating. The longer you are exposed to the sun, the more important it is for you to keep the sun’s harmful rays from penetrating the lotion you choose. It is also important to reapply the lotion during your time outdoors, every few hours. This keeps the protection fresh and effective. The effort will be well worth it when you avoid painful sunburn which will make having summer fun miserable.Another thing that makes you accident prone is lack of sleep. Teens have a tendency to stay up all night and enjoy the time with their friends, but this can make them sleepy and careless during the daylight hours. There is no problem with having a different schedule during the summer, and a lot of kids love to sleep in all morning and stay up late. This can be safe, but having to get up early in the morning to work or drive can make it tough to keep late hours. If you have taken a summer job, you may want to limit your late nights. Imagine how dangerous it would be for a camp counselor to stay up until dawn and then have to supervise little kids swimming or playing at camp. Plan ahead and be safe during your summer break.