You Didn’t See the Cyclist, Now What?

If there is one nightmare that no one deserves to have to live through, it is being charged in a motor vehicle accident. Maybe you were driving down the road and you just didn’t see the person walking. Perhaps it was night and the guy on the bicycle was wearing dark clothes. Though it might have been a complete accident, you are now facing a lot of legal trouble, so you have to deal with it in the best way possible.The only way to get through this difficult situation is to lean on those people who can support you in a number of different ways. Look to your family, your friends, and your personal injury lawyer for the support that you need. The first thing that you absolutely have to do is to get an accident lawyer. Though your friends and your family will be able to help you cope with the realities of the situation and your pastor might be able to coach you through the moral implications of what has gone on, the only person who can help you from a legal standpoint is your accident attorney.Getting on the phone to that person as quickly as possible is absolutely key, because timing is important when dealing with cases of this nature. Your personal injury attorney will be able to guide your steps through the beginning and you can look elsewhere for additional support. No one claims that the process will be easy. In fact, most people can attest that you will have to seriously lean on a great support system if you are going to make it through without pulling your hair out.Having a loving family to turn to is one part of the equation, but having a good personal injury lawyer is something that is incredibly valuable, too. That person will make sure that all of your initial statements to police and to insurance companies are worded in the right way. They will also be able to make sure that the courts know that the accident happened through no fault of your own.One of the most difficult parts of the process is arguing the unknown. It was dark, you were just minding your business, and all of a sudden, things happened in a flash. When this type of situation arises, the stories can come from multiple angles and much of it is trying to decipher the unknown. In a scenario like this, simply knowing that you did nothing wrong is not enough.You will need an accident attorney who is well versed in dealing with these cases to prove to the courts that you were not at fault. This will help to protect you from any criminal charges that might arise and any undue civil cases, as well. Overall, this scenario is a nightmare, but with the right people by your side, you can make it out unscathed. Though it’s scary, it is important to keep in mind that there are people who will be more than willing to help you through the rough patches.