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Looking for the lowest mortgage refinance rates? Then read this interesting piece of info.Mortgage rates dipped to another new low this week – 4.42 percent on a 30-year loan. That’s the lowest since Freddie Mac has got since 1971. So, yes, if you are thinking of mortgage refinancing, this is the right time. Rates may go lower in the next few weeks but no one really can guess. By the time, they hit rock bottom, people may not realize it.The general perception among most economists is that the sluggish US economy may just gather steam and the interest rates may rise. If you do not lock in now, chances are so much that you will be kicking yourself on the back in the next two years for not taking the bus now. Mortgage interest rates are quite hard to predict. The Mortgage Bankers Association forecast last week that 30-year rates will be at 5 percent a year from now, and 5.8 percent in mid 2012.If you are in a position to refinance your mortgage, you should count yourself lucky. In St. Louis, 18 percent of homes were valued less than the mortgage on them, according to the information from zillow.com, a famous real estate tracking firm. Most home owners are deprived of the 20 percent equity that is needed to avoid the costly private mortgage insurance.People who have underwater mortgages can still refinance their mortgage if they have good payment records and their loan is assured or backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. These government operated agencies give room for the refinancing of mortgage loans up to 125 percent of the value of the home. If your present mortgage loan does not need mortgage insurance, you do not need it for refinancing. You can know more about how Fannie or Freddie backing up your loan at their respective websites.If your credit score is less than 720, you may not get the best mortgage e rates. If it is under 640, you may find it hard to get mortgage. FICO says that the median credit score in the US for getting a good mortgage is 711.People are looking towards moving from 30 year mortgage to 15 year mortgage. A loan of 15 years has averaged 3.9 percent in the previous week with 0.6 points. When we say points, we mean a percent of the loan paid by the borrower at the time of mortgage closure. You have to pay points to reduce the interest rate. The average 30-year mortgage rate of 4.42 percent includes 0.7 points. So, if you move that $150,000 mortgage to 15 years at a 4 percent rate would actually raise the monthly payment by $136. However, your family will be able to pay off the loan faster and save heavily on interest. Here is information on mortgage refinancing for people with bad credit.You should shop around for a mortgage online. Actually, smaller banks offer better mortgage deals than bigger ones. You can shop at various banks, mortgage companies and credit unions as well. Find out what are the rates and the closing costs. Often the pattern is such that the lower rates imply higher closing costs and vice versa. Also be careful about the ‘junk fees’ that lenders use to artificially inflate their profits.

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