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If you are not unlike the majority of college graduates that are out there then you probably have a multitude of college loan debt. College students have been accumulating more and more debt than ever before over the past ten years or so, and with the rising costs of attending college this trend doesn’t look to be slowing anytime soon. To pay off this debt the majority of college students have been taking into account the variety of repayment options that have been created to make paying back college loans a much easier process. If you can’t afford your college loan repayments right off the bat then you should not hesitate to explore some of these options before you allow your loans to fall into default.The first options you should consider involve requesting a deferment or a forbearance from your lender. Each of these can postpone when you have to start making your college loan repayments for a certain amount of time, and you are typically given a preset amount of deferment and forbearance time with each kind of student loan you take out. It is always wise to exercise your deferment time before you go ahead and request a forbearance because the interest that accrues with a forbearance is capitalized onto the principle of your loan when the period is over.Next you should think about refinancing your college loans with a consolidation loan. This can pay off the majority of your student loans, and it will leave you with one singular monthly payment instead of having to make multiple payments. If you can qualify for a low interest rate then you can save a lot of money by consolidating your student loans, and you can also benefit from the added convenience of only having to make one single monthly payment.Other sorts of repayment options will depend on the various types of student loans you have, and the alternative repayment options that may be available to you. The more common options that most lenders make available include interest-only repayments, income-sensitive repayments, and graduated-repayment options. These options can reduce your monthly payment by a significant margin, and to put these into effect you simply need to contact your lender and request the specific kind of repayment that you want to exercise.


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