Article Marketing Guide – 3 things you should know before starting


Finding a definitive article marketing guide online may be easier said than done. At the same new folks starting out need a path to follow until they get into the habit of producing articles on a regular basis. While being a good writer certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes to article marketing, it is not the primary resource you will need.The resource most essential to article success is discipline and, more importantly, production. You have to have the wherewithal to continue to produce short, focused, articles over time consistently for a sustained period of time. Not as hard as it may seem at first, but still a skill that should be learned for producing effective articles. This brings me to my first tip:
Writing articles is a journey, not a destination. What this means is that you do not do article marketing for a week and they say “I’m done”. It is an ongoing, regular type of activity whose positive effects build and “snowball” over time. Because you are promoting your own products or sites, you only need to ask yourself if you want to make sales. If you do, then you have to keep writing articles. The more you write, the better and more focused you become. Focus on doing a good job first, but also, do NOT obsess over a 400 word article for more than an hour. Get it done, get it out and move on to the next one.
Research Your Topic – At this stage of the game, most of your readers will know if you are trying to “backfill” an article with empty or recycled content. With the internet at your fingertips, you can research almost any topic and have a decent enough copy to work off of in producing your own, original article. Don’t just fill pages, write something meaningful that speaks to your audience. It’s always about your audience, not about you. Keep this in mind if you are looking to sell to them
Know how to target the right keywords – knowing the right keywords is a good start. But this is not enough. Understanding the correct way to use them without overusing them is crucial in understanding the power of articles to really pull in traffic. Ideally, you will select your target market, then select only the low traffic, long-tailed keywords that are relevant to that specific slice of your market. The idea is to be as specific as possible.I realize the above may be plenty for some of you, and not enough of an article marketing guide for others. To find out more on exactly how to go about researching keywords, and writing successful articles for you campaigns, check out this link for more effective tips