Article Marketing Guide – Top 3 ways to make your online revenue increase business by writing articles


Article marketing guide will help you to realize how writing articles and publishing them to article directories will phenomenally increase your internet business revenue.1. Increasing Opt-In List SignupsHow does opt-in signups increase your online income?You need to setup opt-in pages, also called opt-in landing pages. It will be better to create these landing pages separately for each of the product or service that you are promoting.Once you have set up these landing pages for opt-in lists, your article resource box should direct the readers to your landing pages where they can sign up and become part of your lists.In fact, you can monetize your lists in different ways:a) Immediately after they signup, you could present a back end product or service which is either free or which has a very nominal price. It makes sound business sense to offer something free to your list as soon as they signup.This is just to show your appreciation and by way of a thank you gesture.b) Keep sending regular mails to your lists in the form of a newsletter or tips. Once in a while, you can send a product review or a good offer with your affiliate link to your list. Once, some of them buy the product, you earn an affiliate commission.c) Keep the communication alive with your lists. This will help you to gain trust with them. Create a good informational ebook in the same niche that your list is and send them an offer with a highly discounted price so they are enticed to purchase it.2. Increasing Blog TrafficIf you are having a blog, then you can write articles on topics relevant to your blog, and your author bio box can direct your readers to your blog for further interesting information.Based on the monetization methods adopted by your blog, more traffic means more potential for monetization of your targeted visitors.A quick monetization formula would be to include Google Adsense (c) or other Pay-per-Click programs which will give you a small but steady revenue stream from your blog.Another monetization method would be to incorporate in-context text links in your blog postings. In-text links are known to convert very well. These can be created using some plugins or other third party codes.3. Increasing Traffic to Landing PagesThis methodology is available especially when you are an affiliate marketer. This is the best monetization strategy using article marketing.If done properly, then in the long run, this methodology alone can earn you revenue in the 5- or 6-figure income realm.How would you increase your online revenue using landing pages?a) You need to find niches which are tightly focused, have good traffic and reasonably less competition.b) Sign up for an affiliate program for a product/service in the niche. Ensure you are convinced about the product or service being genuine and is value for money for your prospects.c) Create a list of keywords and key phrases for this niche.d) Create an informational landing page, preferably, incorporating a video.e) Write articles packed with useful information regarding the niche using those keywords.f) Write an author bio leading the people to the landing page.g) People will click the link in the landing page and go to the vendor sales page and click the Buy Button.h) You need to submit these articles to reputed article directories like EzineArticles. These directories get massive traffic and you should grab a sizable portion of that traffic through your articles.