Guide affiliate marketing – you should promote affiliate products that offer High Commission

Is it true that you should only promote affiliate products which offer high commission? This is the one of the most common questions that newbies will ask when they are just starting out their affiliate business.It is totally not true when you assume that promoting affiliate product that offers higher commission is better. There are many other factors that you will have to consider when you are choosing the appropriate product to promote.For instant, if you do not understand the problems that your market is facing and you just promote a product to them, you will not get many sales. The high commission that is being offered will not be useful to you as you will only get the commission when your customer purchases the product.The more practical thing you will need to do instead is to review the product and make sure that the product will solve the market’s problem. As long as the product is reasonably priced and it offers at least 50% in commission, you can choose to promote it. You will definitely get more profits when you have more numbers of customer purchases the product.You will want to make sure that you collect your subscriber’s details, build a relationship with them and let them warm up to your promotion by offering a product that is priced at a affordable price. If your customers do not even purchase a low price product, do you think that they will purchase a high priced product?You will want to make sure that you have several products in your marketing funnel which will be priced at several prices. Do kick start with promoting low price product and then you will slowly promote products that are priced higher. Have a good combination and you will be earning profits when your subscribers join your list.