Internet marketing guide for beginners

Internet marketing means creating websites for your business on the net. As a newbie, the first question that comes to your mind is, “What is a website?” Well, a website is simply the pages of information about your business seen in the web which are enhanced by the use of the software.Websites require time, money and effort to be ready for launching. But, this does not involve large sum of money as it is not as expensive as having a server. You do not have to be internet savvy to be able to get a site. You just need to learn and know the following as a beginner:Set up hosting and obtain a domain name – Hosting is making your business visible to the open world through the World Wide Web. This is putting all of your files on the web. All you have to do is subscribe for a space on a hosting company’s server for a very affordable cost per year.Set up Content Management System – CMS enables one to have a blog even without having information on editing the programs in the computer such as HTML, PHP and etc. CMS has a series of different functions but for a start you can simply create a simple informational site which can be revised later.Create a unique format for your site- At this point, you already have a live website. Usually when you have this CMS installed, you get a website that has one format so changing the theme of the site will be the next thing to do.Put in content to your site – This is writing more information to the pages of your website through CMS.These are just basic procedures to get you to a website or to internet marketing. If you want to have a more advanced website, you will have to deal with designers and programmers online who are developing more sophisticated programs.