Notice Week Marketing Guide – What to Look For

I bought the One Week Marketing Guide myself on the very day of release as I had prior knowledge of the author’s work and it was something I was really looking forward to reading. Indeed, all the One Week Marketing Guide Reviews I have read since that date have been positive-Indeed I haven’t read a bad word about it.At least not first hand! As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I am privy to some of Jennifer’s (AKA Pot Pie Girl) musings and heard her once frustratingly say that someone had requested a refund of the purchase price of this amazing package, saying that “it required me to do some work”. Well, what the heck did they expect!The huge difference between the One Week Marketing Guide and certain other guides about making money online is that there is an emphasis on the fact that you will have to put the work in. Indeed, when I downloaded the report I found it hard to comprehend the sheer volume of information in it. However, it is well laid out and the transcript of the “Conversation With Nick”, where Jennifer takes a newbie marketer, Nick, step-by-step through creating a successful campaign from nothing.This “hand-holding” process was the inspiration for One Week Marketing, the great thing being that Jennifer had actually kept every single transcript of the email “conversation” and you are allowed to read this word for word. What is exciting, is the number of “ah-ah” moments which Nick has and the number of mistakes he makes together with how inspirationally and simply they are corrected.There are literally hundreds of One Week Marketing Guide reviews and it can be very helpful to read a few before you decide if this plan might work for you. Look out for those which are the same as all the rest-there are a number out there which simply regurgitate the same information and once you have read a few, you will understand what I mean! After a while, you will be able to judge which reviews are worth reading.* Look for some individuality which indicates that the reviewer has actually read through the guide themselves and maybe tried it out.
* Any evidence of success?
* Does it sound like they know what they are talking about-Does the review indicate a clear understanding?