Planning Your Web Site


There are millions of Web sites, selling millions of products on the Internet everyday, and they are all competing for viewers; many of them are competing for the same viewers you are! How do you get the results you’re looking for?  When asked if they are marketing on the Internet, many people and organizations say, “Yes, we have a Web site.” However, having a Web site and marketing on the Internet are two very different things. Yes, usually you need a Web site to market on the Internet. However, a Web site is simply a collection of documents, images, and other electronic files that are publicly accessible across the Internet. Your site needs to be designed to meet your online objectives and should be developed with your target market in mind. Internet marketing encompasses all the steps you take to reach your target market online, attract visitors to your Web site, encourage them to buy your products or services, and make them want to come back for more.

Having a Web site is great, but it is meaningless if nobody knows about it. Just as having a brilliantly designed product brochure does you little good if it sits in your sales manager’s desk drawer, a Web site does you little good if your target market isn’t visiting it. It is the goal of this book to help you take your Web site out of the desk drawer, into the spotlight, and into the hands of your target market. You will learn how to formulate an Internet marketing strategy in keeping with your objectives, your products or services, and your target market. This chapter provides you with an overview of this book and introduces the importance of:

  • Defining your online objectives
  • Defining your target markets and developing your Web site and online marketing strategy with them in mind
  • Developing the Internet marketing strategy that is appropriate for your product or service.