Programmatic trading model

Programmatic trading model in Digital Advertising

In the world of online advertising, Advertising Networks is known as Programmatic or Real-Time Bidding. In short, RTB itself.

But in this industry there are many ad display formats Despite the widespread use of RTB, there are still other angles that are needed. The inconsistency of the display banner and that only one advertiser in the specified location is always the case. In such cases, the usage is divided into various categories. Which can be divided into 6 types as follows

Open Marketplace RTB
The first type that is open for general use of Real-time bidding (RTB) works normally. This behavior is the process and occurs automatically, both buy and sell-side. Similar to the auction price to buy in that market If there is a high demand for the ad position, then the price must be fought in that market.

Private Marketplace (PMP)
Is a market for only groups that allow access only to have access to invitations from partners that have already agreed that Publishers can set the price or other conditions themselves, the Advertiser is also able to set the desired inventory as agreed with Publishers as well. This will be complicated by the calculation of advertising results that occur. May be expensive or have to pay various Platform fees for use

Private Marketplace Guaranteed (PMPG)
The features are the same as the normal PMP, but they differ in terms of increased guarantees for the target audience shown for publishers. For example, will display 5 million banners to website visitors or vice versa. As for the Advertiser, it is agreed that the payment will be paid in a certain amount for each billing cycle, such as paying to the Publishers for 5 million baht every month, etc.

Automated Guaranteed (AG)
Similar to Open RTB but with a guaranteed inventory that works for the amount purchased by the advertiser. As for the price that is paid, you will receive an agreed price, such as the price agreed upon for the position shown in the advertisement. set But all in all, will go through the Bidding system and show in Real-Time

Automated Performance (AP)
It is an automated system with a workflow similar to AG, but the type of assurance is displayed in the performance corner of the campaign of the advertisement. The performance indicators used are price-per-click cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-installation cost-per-install (CPI)

Spot buying
This type of transaction depends on the environment in which the exchange is made with forwarding trading based on price determination. Or set the period too (Which may be agreed at the CPM or CPC. Other angles). In general, this method will have a value of the price that is higher than the actual appraised value calculated by Ad Server. Opening this market or transaction is PMP with Expected agreement is the result of advertiser demand for proposals based on forecasts within the agreement and the exchange itself.