Review of Mark Thompson Article Marketing Guide

The Mark Thompson article marketing guide, ‘Article Dominance’, is actually a stand out in the swarms of other article marketing guides floating around out there. If you’ve been involved in online marketing, either for a while or you’re just getting started, it’s one of the few guides that gets you your money’s worth. There’s a term often used in internet marketing, ‘bright, shiny things’, to refer to the latest, greatest new make-money products and guides that so many of us spend our hard earned money on. Article Dominance is not a bright, shiny thing… it delivers the goods.Article marketing is a very popular way to promote your offers and products. But there’s a whole lot more to it than just slapping an article together and submitting it to EzineArticles and the other top directories. You have to have the right keywords, you have to use them in the right way, you have to construct your title, your body, your resource box properly… there’s a whole lot of strategy that goes in to a promotional article, so it gets ranked well in the search engines and so that readers not only find it, but click through to your links.To Mark Thompson, article marketing works… as long as you do it right. And he’s had a ton of experience (over five years) getting it just right! In Article Dominance, he walks you through the entire process, the system that he has used and taught for several years and that makes him a solid monthly income. He explains why you don’t have to be a gifted writer to create effective articles that rank, and sell. You just have to know how to structure your articles and resource boxes properly.In fact, the best part of the guide (in my opinion) is the resource box section. He gives simple methods for increasing clickthroughs… some of them are so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of them first! For example, he shows you how to look at Adwords ads to see how to structure your resource box, and make them look like natural extensions of the article. Just that one hint helped me get several of my articles, ones that were getting decent views but very low clickthroughs of around 5-10&, to a 22-41% clickthrough rate!The guide is 48 pages long, and he’s packed it with useful content. None of the fluff that you see in so many other guides. He shows you how to write a good article in only eight minutes, how to use spyntax the right way, and how to use ‘article leverage’ to boost the traffic you get to your money site. And he gives you resource box templates based on the exact ones he uses to create appealing boxes that get clicks. Resource boxes are one of the main problem area people have with article marketing, and this guide makes them finally make sense, and simple to do.The Mark Thompson article marketing method works for him, and Article Dominance is his method laid bare. It’s easy to read, understand and implement. In my opinion, it’s an essential tool to have in your article marketing toolbox.