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Monday: Setting Up Conversion Tracking

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Google’s conversion tracking is one of the most compelling features available on an ad interface loaded with tons of compelling, profit-driving features. PPC is one of the most measurable marketing endeavors, and if you aren’t tracking conversions, you are shooting your campaign in the foot and doing your business a great disservice.

Setting up conversion tracking in AdWords is relatively painless. Here’s the stepby- step process:

  1. Click the Reporting tab within your campaign and select Conversions.
  2. On the next screen, click New Conversion.
  3. Name the conversion action you will be tracking. For example, if you are tracking leads, you may want to call the conversion Lead, or if you’re tracking purchases, you may want to call it Purchase.
  4. Select a tracking purpose from the drop-down menu. The options are as follows:
    1. Other
    2. Purchase/Sale
    3. Signup
    4. Lead
    5. View of key page
  5. Click Save and Continue.
  6. Enter the page security level and tracking indicator settings for your website. In Figure 4.35, the page security level is HTTP (the other option is HTTPS). If you are tracking leads that don’t have standard revenue, you don’t need to enter anything in the Revenue for Your Conversion field. If you don’t want a tracking pixel to appear on your confirmation page, select None as the Choose Text Format option.
  7. AdWords will provide you with the snippet of code to track this conversion. Insert this code into the confirmation page(s) of your website.
Figure 4.35 Enter your page security level here, and then choose your tracking indicator settings.
Figure 4.35 Enter your page security level here, and then choose your tracking indicator settings.
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