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Nelnet or National Education Loan Network is a service to provide financial aid to students. Nelnet works with a variety of different lenders and student loan programs to ensure that you have all the financial aid you need. You will discover Nelnet helps you find Federal Student Loans like the Stafford loan as well as privately funded loans.Nelnet is a one stop shop for all of you loan needs. You can apply for the Stafford loan while also applying for a privat loan. Sometimes with the federal student loan program they cannot offer you enough money to cover your entire education. This is when you need a private loan. By using Nelnet you have the option of finding everything you need.With Nelnet you will obtain a private student loan with a variable interest rate. The interest rate will change as the Fed interest rate changes. This means you could have a lower interest rate during some years that your loan is open.Nelnet provides a couple of categories in student loans. They have undergraduate, graduate, medical, and parent student loans. A parent student loan is for families who have children that they must take care of while they are gaining an education. There is a plus loans for parents under the Federal student loan program. These are designed for parents who are paying for college expenses in an undergraduate degree program.There are also a number of private student loans. With the parent student loans you do not have to be the parent going to school. You may also be the parent of a student who needs a loan. This help type of loan will help you pay for college in addition to the federal loans, grants, and scholarships you might already have. In other words if your child still does not have enough funding for their college education you can obtain a private loan as the parent.The other option is a private loan that the student takes out. In this case the parent is not helping the student pay for college and in most cases the parent will not be a co- signer on the loan. With Nelnet you can find the answers you seek regarding loan funding. Not only do they offer you the loan, but they also help determine what is right for you and find the best lender.

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