Nikon D7000, Using Noise Reduction

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The temptation to use higher ISOs should always be avoided, as the end result will be more image noise and less detail.

There can be an issue when using a low ISO setting: The sometimes lengthy shutter speeds can also introduce noise. This noise is a result of the heating of the camera sensor as it is being exposed to light. This effect is not visible in short exposures, but as you start shooting with shutter speeds that exceed one second, the level of image noise can increase. Your camera has a couple of features that you can turn on to combat noise from long exposures and high ISOs.

Setting up noise reduction

Setting up noise reduction

  1. Press the Menu button, then use the Multi-selector to get to the Shooting menu.
  2. Using the Multi-selector, select Long Exp. NR and then press OK (A). Choose On and press the OK button.
  3. Now use the Multi-selector to get to the High ISO NR setting in the Shooting menu and press OK (B).
  4. ISO noise reduction comes in four options: High, Normal, Low, and Off. Set it to Normal for everyday shooting or High for those instances where you have to significantly raise your ISO (C).

significantly raise your ISO


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