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Reporting information system architect information vs. system architect for the IT industry is known. Professional media and communications should be cautious overall performance of production systems and storage will be. Moreover, the specialization in production based on the dependence on information systems and the deep structure of business processes. Production systems must seamlessly with the flow of information sufficient for the normal functioning of the system. . I “clean the world of computers and processes, this report is a different it.On requires special attention is the architect should especially with the reporting requirements of the current size of the company’s IT systems are integrated to pay, we must watch out for the Notification of the world:.An analysis of reports, internal reports and master builder, etc. Furthermore, you should also consider the report of the expansion and development in the future. In other words, intelligence, ongoing operations in the future, depending on the system and reporting requirements. The current system is easy to meet new requirements or a lot of money, time, human effort.Next of the architect to consider the information society Consolidated reports from internal and external relationships (not supplied reliable data even in a perfect =), the reference between data analysis and local definition of global and local definitions and more more.Finally business intelligence architect would certainly be cautious about the reliability of the model, and a relief to changing business needs. The experts should do the following: business requirements Cancel fit into that effort only a small advantage.
Priority need.
Check the requirements and the missing pieces. To meet the requirements.
Coordination of activities relating to these reports.
Mobility helps build the information system.
Transferring and translating business needs, content and implementation of business processes mindset.Taking Speech therapy is the main task of the architect .


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