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An online marketing guide is just what newcomers need to find success in creating their own online business. Unfortunately, there are a vast number of these guides out there that just plain do not deliver on their promises. The learning curve for starting a successful online business is extremely steep, and is made even more complex by the need to sift through countless expensive guides that only tell you a fraction of what you need to know to be successful.These types of online marketing guides take in a vulnerable audience that wants and plain just needs to create additional income. Some of these people have lost their jobs, and have turned to making money online as a last resort. Unethical marketers prey on these unfortunate, desperate folks by giving away small pieces of information about making online, but charging hefty prices to unveil more information.The most unfortunate aspect of these types of online marketing guides is that the information that they are providing is very often outdated by the time their audience receives it. Seriously, do you think that these gurus actually want real competition in their niches? This is why they give advice to newcomers such as telling them that working with free keyword tools are all they will need to make money online. You can bet that the gurus themselves do not use inferior free tools. They themselves are using the very latest scientifically designed software that delivers the results they need to rise to the top of their niches. Like the old saying goes, it takes money to make money. Not pots of money mind you, but if you want to have a viable business model, you must be willing to invest in some tools that will take you to the next level.Online marketing guides that tell you that you can make an excellent living by simply writing articles that drive traffic to the gurus’ websites is outdated, not to mention completely misleading. While article marketing has a definite place in internet marketing, it is best used as an enhancement to an affiliate marketing business, not as the sole method for driving traffic. Owning your own website is a must, as well is learning the program WordPress to put up websites. WordPress is one of the few software programs that allow non-coders to put up attractive sites with all the bells and whistles. Having your own website puts you in control of your earnings, not at the mercy of other’s whims.Ready for an online marketing guide that actually will teach you current, viable means of making an online income? Methods that the creator actually uses themselves on a day-to-day basis to make a substantial income online? Want a reliable, tested step-by-step guide to creating niche websites in WordPress? You deserve more than being sold yesterday’s ineffective methods by someone who is laughing all the way to the bank.

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