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The packaging of products has grown in importance over the past decade. Packaging is part of the actual product. Besides being able to differentiate your products from your competitors by using different types of packaging, it is important to be aware of some of the packaging trends that can affect the demand for the products you offer. Due to advancing packaging practices, consumers are demanding more from packaging. Packaging trends include:

  • recycled materials used to create the package, e.g. recycled paper;
  • packages that are recyclable e.g. bottles, cans;
  • more information (demanded by the consumer and government) on the labels; and,
  • larger print on the labels, due to aging of some consumer markets.

The two latter trends have become an issue for some food processors. The more information they have to put on the label, the less room the have for design and displaying the product. In addition, changes require more investment and expertise to assist in the process.

Sometimes by changing the size, shape, colour, labelling and/or texture of a product’s package, new or bigger markets can be identified for an existing product. For example, regular-sized juice boxes have also been made available in a junior-size, to fit in children’s school lunch bags. BIC packages its disposable lighters in the different solid colours to appeal to consumers’ various preferences. As a variation, one of BIC’s competitors has chosen to package its disposable lighters in translucent coloured plastic instead, so that the amount of fluid remaining is evident to users.

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