Pell Grants For Single Mothers – How to Get a College Degree Without a Student Loan

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The Pell Grant is a great source of educational funding that all students should qualify for. The problem is qualifying with can have to do with a variety of problems. The choice to go to school is an extremely important one to think about. Obtaining a college degree will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful in the career of your choice. But how will you get funding for it? Take out a student loan? Absolutely not. If you are a single mother, you need to apply for the Pell grant, and not student loans, to pay your way through college. Here is why.Getting an education is an investment in your future. Before you select your career, it’s necessary to consider how much time, money, and commitment you’ve got to prepare yourself for a job. Selecting the best career and funding school takes a great deal of forethought. The same type of thinking needs to go into your idea of where school funding will come from.Financial scholarships can be a stepping-stone toward your success. The point of financial aid is to assist students and even working moms with their educational expenses so that economic barriers don’t stop them from obtaining their academic dreams. The Pell grant, and other grants such as the TEACH grant, are major contributors for funding educations. Recently the Obama administration helped increase Pell funding to $5100 per semester to help single students, including single mothers and fathers, finish their college degree.An often overlooked source of student aid are scholarships. These are given to students that fulfill certain qualifications. Leadership scholarships are handed out to those that meet certain specific standards.Scholarships may necessitate qualifying by having a high grade point average or doing community activities. Getting a full ride scholarship would be a fantastic gift, but few get this, and that is why the Pell grant, not student loans, should be your primary focus.One other thing to think about before pursuing a college degree is the overall cost. Not just school, but how much itll cost to live, eat, pay rent. The possibility exists that you will not receive the Pell Grant. Should this happen you would need to consider students loans, but only as a last resort. You will have to consider qualifying for some of the loans provided by your college such as the Federal Perkins loans or the Federal Parent PLUS loans.So your best option is getting the Pell Grant. All of the student loans have very high rates of interest which you want to avoid. If you are a single mother, or any college student, and can qualify, you will be able to get your 2 year degree on the Pell alone, so it is in your best interest not to take out any type of student loan if grants or scholarships are accessible.Update: There are many other grants that are available including student specific, subject specific, degree level, minority grants, and other sources of federal and state funding. Your best bet is to ask your College financial advisor about these additional options.


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