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Many interesting APIs that started out as part of the HTML5 specification were eventually spun off into their own projects. Others have become so associated with HTML5 that sometimes it’s hard for developers (and even authors) to really tell the difference. In this chapter, we’ll talk about those APIs. We’ll spend a little time working with the HTML5 history API, and then we’ll make pages on different servers talk with Cross-document Messaging, Then we’ll look at Web Sockets and Geolocation, two very powerful APIs that can help you make even more interactive applications.

We’ll use the following APIs to build those applications:

Manages the browser history. [C5, S4, IE8, F3, OlO.l IOS3.2, A2]
Cross-document Messaging
Sends messages between windows with content loaded on different
domains. [C5, S5, F4, IOS4.1, A2]
Web Sockets
Creates a stateful connection between a browser and a server. [C5,S5, F4, IOS4.2]
Gets latitude and longitude from the client’s browser. [C5, S5,F3.5, 010.6, IOS3.2, A2]


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