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I believe the remaining objections to cloud computing will be overcome, and, again, I am not alone in my belief. In an article for ZDNet, Jason Hiner listed his ‘Four reasons why business will take to the cloud’ (Hiner, 2009). I am in agreement with Hiner, and I also have four more predictions of my own to add, so I have listed below eight reasons why I think cloud computing will eventually become the standard way for businesses to procure IT services:

  1. Separation of data from applications will mean that applications can run in public clouds while the data can be stored (optionally) in private data centres.
  2. Offline access for online applications – where data and applications can be cached on a local device and synchronized with online systems when connectivity is restored – will remove our complete dependency on the internet.
  3. Ubiquitous mobile internet access and high-speed wireless connections will bring broadband connectivity to cars, buses and trains; and our mobile devices will continue to get smarter, too.
  4. The financial benefits of moving capital expenditure to operational expenditure with pay-per-use services will still be the key reason for using cloud computing.
  5. More service providers will adopt open standards for cloud interoperability.
  6. Service providers will be expected to comply with information security standards and data protection legislation.
  7. The environmental benefits that come with sharing resources and reducing business travel will make cloud computing the socially acceptable green alternative.
  8. The success of small, agile, progressive businesses that iterate their IT systems and processes – using public clouds to quickly develop new and innovative ways of doing things – will make other businesses take notice.


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