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Mortgage rates are one of the most important factors when considering how much different mortgage options will cost. In most situations, the lower the APR on a mortgage, the less it will cost. This means that consumers should strive to get the lowest possible mortgage rates when applying for home loans. Here are some steps you can take to qualify for low mortgage rates.First, make sure your credit score is high. Get a copy of your credit score and report before applying for your loan, and make sure that the information it contains is accurate. Fix any errors that you find. If you find that your credit score is below 650, take the time to improve it. You can do this by lowering any credit card balances that are over 35% of the credit limit, making payments on time for a few months, and avoiding any situations where you would be applying for new credit.Besides your credit rating, mortgage lenders will also consider your debt-to-income ratio when determining your mortgage rates. If you can, take the time to lower your total debt before applying. This will help you qualify for lower interest rates on your mortgage. Also, if you can co-sign with someone who has a job, this can effectively lower your debt-to-income ratio by increasing your total income.Another way you can lower the mortgage rates on your loan is to put a large down payment on the property. You need at least 20% to avoid a fee known as private mortgage insurance. This additional fee will increase the APR on your loan.Remember, every percentage point that you add or subtract from your mortgage rate represents thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage. There are things you can do right now to lower your mortgage rates. Take the time to do your homework, and soon you will be able to find an affordable loan option for your needs.

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