Refinancing Your House Mortgage – How to Refinance an Interest-Only Loan

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Interest-only loans are prime candidates for refinancing. With online lenders you can quickly trade in your balloon payment and extended loan periods for better rates and payments. While you are looking to convert your loan, make sure you are getting the best long term financing for your budget.Planning For The Long Term MortgageRefinancing an interest-only loan allows you to reevaluate both your short and long term financial goals. If you are just worried about keeping your monthly payment to a minimum, opt for an adjustable rate, 30 year loan. Adjustable rates, along with the long loan period, qualifies you for low initial payments.To save the most on interest payments, cut your loan period back to just 15 years. This will also make you eligible for lower rates. For those seeking protection from unplanned rate and payment hikes, lock in a fixed rate mortgage. You can further reduce these rates by paying additional closing fees.Lenders Make A DifferencePicking the right lender is the difference of thousands of dollars in your checking account. Happily, you can spot better refinance loans before you sign a contract. Online financial companies provide instant loan quotes to help you make better loan decisions.When you request a loan quote, make sure that you request the same loan terms from different lenders. Also be sure to include several different companies in your search. It’s a good idea to work with recommended lenders, and don’t be afraid of checking out smaller regional companies. Often these smaller companies can offer especially low rates.Don’t Put Off Your Refinance PlanTo save the most amount of money on your mortgage, don’t put off refinancing your current home loan. It only takes a few hours to find a good lender, and then just minutes to start the loan application process. In as little as two weeks you can get rid of your current high payment loan for a more manageable, money saving mortgage.When you consider the thousands of dollars you can save by finding a lower mortgage rate, spending a few hours comparing loan quotes doesn’t seem so bad.

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