Ads Are Already Being Leaked On The Internet

Time is ticking and as each day ends, we are another 24 hours closer to Black Friday 2010. While we are approaching the date, speculation is rising. When will the ads from the most competitive retailers be released? Who will have the best ads? Who will have the item that you are just dying to find a great deal on? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, it seems that some stores are trying to get a head start on their competitors.As in recent years, it seems that retailers are ready to use the term Black Friday to lure in customers before the big day. To date a 16 page Sears ad has been leaked on the Internet, for what they are calling the first “Black Friday” event of the season. The sale will take place at the end of October, almost a full month before the official shopping day. The ad is filled with deals on appliances, tools, home goods and more. The question is, are the deals really that good? Many say waiting for the true Black Friday Ads 2010 is still a better bet.Who will be the next retailer to have a 2010 Thanksgiving ad leaked? No one knows for sure, but we do know that the retailers like to keep their deals under wrap for as long as possible.Will other retailers try to compete with Sears and offer their own “Black Friday” sales, before the big day is actually here? More than likely the answer is yes. The last few years, perhaps in an attempt to boost dismal sales, retailers have started to extend what they call Black Friday sales to other sale events.Shoppers, get ready. No doubt a shopping season filled with deals is just around the corner.