Are You Ready For Black Friday Shopping?


It’s Thanksgiving night. You have spent hours pouring over the Day After Thanksgiving Ad’s and are preparing to venture out in the wee morning for hours of shopping. What should you bring?Whatever you do, DO NOT forget to take your ads! You should have on a separate piece of paper the breakdown of where you should be and at what time. If you have the capability of programming alarms on your cell phone, this may be a wise thing to do. For example, if you have only allowed yourself to be at Store A for 1 hour, then set your alarm for 30-45 minutes after the store opening. When the alarm sounds, you know you should make your way to the checkout so you can get to Store B in time to get that special deal.It’s better to take a smaller purse in the store with you, as a larger purse is bulky and isn’t as easy to hold on to while manipulating arm loads of items to purchase. If you only have a few items to get, don’t waste your time getting a shopping cart. That’ll only slow you down.In your car, be prepared with some water, snacks, and hand sanitizer. If there is more than one of a certain store in your city, then if one store is sold out, you may have better luck at another store nearby. Keep maps & phone numbers handy, or better yet, a phone book.Make sure you have a full cell battery and your phone charger. You’ll most likely be wearing a sweater or coat, but bring gloves also in case you have to stand outside for any length of time. If you need a shopping cart, take a sanitized wipe with you, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them in the store.Remember to keep unnecessary credit cards and personal information at home. Whatever items you do take, make a photo copy of those cards at home. Theft is common at the day after Thanksgiving sales, so protect yourself and be careful.