Black Friday 2010

Black Friday arrives right after Thanksgiving. In the United States, it is notified as the beginning of the Christmas shopping period. Black Friday 2010 is again here with the same revived zest and vigor, magnifying the coming of festivity.The term Black Friday was used firstly in 1966 in Philadelphia. As Thanksgiving usually comes on the fourth Thursday in the month of November in America, Black Friday comes between 23 and 29 of November. Though it is not an official holiday, but many workers have a day off on this day. Therefore, this increases the tendency of potential customers thronging at shopping stores, retailer markets and malls.The Black Friday 2010 is no different than the previous years. As Reuters puts it, in 2007 around 135 million people participated in the shopping spree. The case is no different this year as well. Retailers are now being seen extremely busy in decorating their stores and markets. The shops and malls usually are being decorated because of Christmas and the proceeding holiday season.The season will start from as early as 5 am, as many shoppers planning for it well in advance. Whether you visit Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Target, Toys “R” Us, Best Buy, Sears, etc., all big shots retailers are ready to cater their enthusiastic consumers. These shops will remain open 24 hour with many discounts, sales, lucky draws, and best buys.The media terms it as the busiest retail-shopping day of the year, and this year, the scene will not be that different. Electronics, garments, household items, video games and popular toys will be the most popular items on sale. Whether you wish to buy a gift for parents, friends, siblings or peers, you just need to go through the ads and you will be amazed to see the large variety of bargains you may avail.You can avail the discounts online through discount coupon codes. This Black Friday 2010 shopping spree is the time to have some special family time, while doing shopping for your loved ones. It is around the corner, so you need to plan ahead. Go through the newspapers, magazines, sale pamphlets. Ask friends, watch TV ads and do extensive research on internet to see the big bargain you can enjoy this season.