Black Friday Myths Exposed


Only a few days until Black Friday and the excitement is building rapidly. We’ve already seen some of the merchant deals and can say with confidence that consumers are going to be in for a treat as retailers compete for your dollars in this economy.Below we expose the Top 5 Black Friday Myths so consumers like you can get your hands on the best deals of the year.1. The Deals Are Mainly Hype: If you’ve been thinking about buying a specific item in the next 6 months, this is absolutely the time to do it. We monitor prices every day and can tell you that you will not see many of these items priced equal to or lower for the next 10 months. If in doubt, buy it. You can always return some of the items later that you don’t want. In this case, patience is not a virtue.2. All the Deals Are Gone Within an Hour: Many of the biggest deals do have extremely limited quantities. However, there are so many great deals to choose from that many last until Cyber Monday, when another slew of deals from merchants appear.3. You Need to Wait In Line: This myth was true 5 years ago but the online channel has grown so large today that last year we saw that 95% of the in store deals were also available online. So while others are waiting outside in the cold, you’ll be warm, cozy, and happy knowing that your amazing flat screen TV is on its way.4. The Deals Are Cheaper In-Store: Rarely is this true. Driving to the store expends gas and most stores are offering free shipping during this time. Even if stores like Best Buy and Circuit City don’t have the particular product deal online, chances are another online merchant will have a similarly priced deal. As a bonus, if the online merchant doesn’t have physical operations in your state you could save on upfront sales tax – significant on large ticket items.5. Black Friday Sales Begin on Friday after Thanksgiving: Despite the Black Friday name, most of the deals actually begin online in the early morning on Thursday.