Black Friday Shopping Tips

Even if Black Friday is a good way to get all the stuff you need around the house at a very low price there are things to consider when shopping online, tips that may steer you away from disaster like scams, hidden fees or product flaws. I will try in this short article to make a list of shopping tips to follow when working your way through Black Friday offers/deals. Remember that those shopping tips also apply to online shopping in general.So, here’s the list of shopping tips to remember:

check if the deal that caught your attention is still valid: many offers are time limited and falling outside the given interval usually means you pay the full price which in considerably bigger

check if the listed price is for one item or several and if there are after sale rebates check the procedure you need do follow in order to get your money back.

check if the item’s name and picture corresponds to what you get home: if the price is too low, let’s say for a graphic card, check to ensure that it’s not the wrong chipset, with lower performance. Don’t hesitate to contact the shop and ask for details

check the paying methods: if they don’t accept your credit card type check for alternative paying options like at delivery, check, PayPal, Google checkout and so on.

check for delivery area: it may be cheap but it may not be available where you live. Check this info before adding a product to chart.

check the seller: if it’s a small shop it doesn’t hurt to Google it to see if anything wrong comes up about the seller. There are a lot of sites build just for Black Friday that don’t necessarily want to see you the next year, if you know what I mean.

check the delivery time: what’s the purpose of getting something 10% cheaper if it will arrive at your door in two months, after its price has already dropped by more that 10% in other shops

where can you complain if you’re not satisfied: it’s always good to know that someone out there will listen to you if you have any problems. Check the support section.
These are the main things to do before you jump into the online Black Friday deals wagon and do some crazy shopping. Don’t get fooled by low prices, even if Black Friday is known for great discounts. It’s best to be safe than sorry, don’t you think?