Black Friday Specials

In just weeks the “busiest shopping day of the year” will be upon us once more. As retail tradition goes, the Friday after Thanksgiving is the official kick off for the Christmas shopping season and to get things going right retailers always offer their biggest savings of the year on this day. We have all heard the Black Friday stories of customers running into stores, knocking doors down, stampeding and trampling each other and fighting over the latest hot item. Whether we are talking about Furby, the new electric scooters, Tickle Me Elmo, Sony Blue Ray players or the Nintendo Wii, the action and sale prices go into effect that day. Die hard shoppers looking for a bargain will go to all means and ends to get one, including standing in lines in the cold for hours or even camping out over night. While savings are expected on Black Friday, the economy is tough right now and us customers need to save every dollar we can. To do this just follow a few suggestions and you may come away with even more savings that you expected.Do not wait until the day of the sale to find out what is on sale. If you show up as the store opens to get a copy of the ad you will have missed out on the hottest deals and the huge line will already be there. As much as companies say that they wish to keep their ad a secret until the day of, they always end up being leaked onto the internet. A couple of days in advance check out the internet boards to find out what will be on sale at Kmart, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Sears, Kohls, JC Penny’s and the other big retailers. Many sites even have side by side comparisons allowing you to clearly see what you will be paying at each location. If you are really committed you can even try out calling up a few stores to see if you can trick or persuade an employee to give out details of the sale or of inventory levels.As stated above, customers will be forming lines hours, and even a night in advance at stores with big sale items. If you want that Tickle Me Elmo for 70% off at store B as your child’s letter to Santa states, you better be ready to stand and wait. Once in line though, you will have to stand strong. Some show up late and do try to sneak ahead of line and even take your item out of your hands once you get it.Finally, do not forget about the doorbuster specials. Stores now offer special one or two hour specials at the beginning of the business day just for the customers who got up early enough to brave the crowd. These specials are usually marked down higher and are limited in quantities.Stay strong and be willing to put in the time and you will leave Black Friday with everything on your child’s Christmas and money left in your wallet for yourself.