Great Black Friday Discount and Informational Websites


The convenience of shopping online for Black Friday can literally lift a huge load off of your shoulders. Just imagine, you’ve set your alarm for 8 a.m., gotten out of bed, made your cup of coffee, then plopped in front of your computer – you’re set to shop. No need to get your clothes on, take your sleepy children out into the cold air, and drudge around from store to store hoping to find what you’re looking for. By shopping online, you eliminate a lot of the hassle traditionally involved with Black Friday. And now there are tons of websites that offer helpful information to make the day even smoother. Check out two that I found! is an awesome resource for those who are looking to find out which stores are offering Black Friday deals nationally. This site has a very simple layout (which I love when I want to find information with little hassle). When you first enter the site and scroll about half-way down, you will reach “Black Friday News,” which is a listing of all of the store chains offering deals, what deals they’re offering, and the date the offer was posted – simple enough right?Well it gets better. This website not only lists what’s going on in the shopping world, but it allows you to create your own customized shopping list so that when you visit these stores in person or online you won’t have to do much browsing. Let me explain further. By clicking on one of the store links in their “news” or “ads” sections, you will be taken to the particular store’s shopping list on their page. Items discounted for Black Friday are listed under the store logo and all you need to do is click on the items you want to purchase. As you do this with every store, the site creates a list for you that you can print and take shopping with you (either online or the traditional way). All you have to do is register (username, password, and email) and you’re ready! is similar to in that it gives you a listing of the different post-Thanksgiving Day sales and what companies are offering them. Also similar is your ability to create a shopping list based on the different items you select from the lists they provide for you. What is different, however, in addition to email alerts, you can also receive mobile alerts of the new Black Friday ads as they are posted by store so that you can have the jump on what will be offered on the “big day.” You can also visit their message boards and discuss the latest sales and deals with fellow shoppers.Remember, shopping online is not a carefree experience – especially not on Black Friday when predators will be running rampant in their attempts to steal your money. You must always be sure to watch for identity theft, and other scams. When shopping online, always look for secure sites for credit card purchases (those sites with a small lock in the lower right-hand corner of your screen). Also, if the site uses PayPal, go for it! PayPal is a secure online transaction website that stands as the “middle man” between your bank information and the retailer selling you a product. PayPal never gives away your personal information and securely ensures the retailer will receive their money – a win-win situation. This way, you can have a great Black Friday online shopping experience with enough energy leftover to play with the kids.