How To Get Ready For Black Friday

How do you get ready for Black Friday? After all, it is the biggest shopping day of the year. I know no one wants to hear this but I am trying to help you. Before, like now, sit down and look at your budget. If you have not been saving for Thanksgiving and Christmas before now your budget may not look like much. However, take a deep breath. Think of how much you could actually spend without getting yourself into financial trouble.You can take that amount out in cash and limit yourself to that much in spending. The down side to that is that cash always spends faster than if you have to pull out a debit card or write out a check. Five dollars here and six here adds up quickly over a day or two of shopping. You will need to eat and drink while out shopping and this trinket and that one looks so cute for just a few dollars. At the end of the day your cash is gone and you may not have gotten a whole lot on your list.What else can even prepare you? Take your budget and your list of the things you would like to buy friends and family. Most people of Internet today so you can go and get a good idea of what each item will cost you. Now you can cross out the items that are completely out of your budget. I know it hurts but we are trying to stay out of debt this year. The economy is a little scary right now so I know you want to keep to your budget this year.Next, you will either go to do your serious shopping alone or with one other person. Why? Everyone is less likely to blow their budget when shopping alone. What fun are all the trinkets and snacks without friends. If you have one friend along it is easier to confide in them that you really have to stick to your budget. I am very certain they will understand this year. They probably need your support in making sure they stick to theirs. If you have any more than two in your group people are less likely to share private information and therefore you leave yourself wide open to blow your budget and then some.Stand strong and stick to these tactics and keep your budget this year. I know this sounds a little crazy, but you may just want to keep your cell phone in the car while shopping. If you can call people and ask them if they know if ‘so-n-so’ will like ‘such-n-such’ you will be more likely to buy extra gifts that are not on your list. Good luck to you and happy shopping on Black Friday.If you would like to earn extra income this year so you can stretch your shopping budget CLICK BELOW and follow the free training on how you can earn money from home.