How to Make Thousands in One Day From Black Friday Shopping


Before you start shopping on black Friday you will need three things. Money, transportation, and advertisements. Money is an obvious requirement, but just make sure not to go crazy. Set a fixed budget that if you lose it you won’t be hurting to pay your bills. For transportation, make sure you have a vehicle with a lot of room preferably a sedan or a pickup. Last but not least is advertisements you need to find as many black Friday sale advertisements as possible the internet is a great source for finding black Friday sales before they are printed especially eBay.The next thing you need to do is do your homework. Make a list of items that you think will make you a profit then check them against completed auctions on eBay to get an approximate selling value. Look at the advertisement’s sale price and compare it to eBay auctions to see what kind of profit you can make. You should repeat this process for every product you want to sell and have a good idea on the potential profit that you can make.Ranking and scheduling stores would be the next step to do. Look at your list of items and see which stores are going to be more profitable than others, these are the stores you would want to visit first. After you have arranged your shopping order of stores, double check the hours of each sale to make sure you can catch all of the sales opportunities for all of the stores on your list. Last step is to write down an exact order of the stores you will visit and an exact order of the products you will buy in each store.Now comes the big day, black Friday. While it might be complete chaos in the stores you already did your homework and know exactly what you need to buy and what store to buy it at. Remember to remain calm and polite but be assertive enough to get what you need. Buy as many profitable items as you can if you can’t get one item just move on to the next you need to manage your time as efficiently as possible. As long as you stay calm and utilize your list the best you can, you should have no problem making a good return profit on eBay, good luck!