How to Survive Black Friday Tech Shopping


Black Friday is both revered and hated among the shoppers in our country. It is revered by many who love a good deal and do not mind waiting in long lines and freezing temperatures to get them. But, there is a select number of people out there who, while they would love a good price on the technology items on their list, simply are not willing to brave the early morning hours or wait in hour-long lines. So, is there hope for those of us who avoided the lines on Black Friday?Thankfully, the answer is yes. We are blessed to live in an age dominated a little more each year by online shoppers. Companies have realized in recent years that more and more shoppers are logging on and making purchases via websites. In order to ensure that customers end up on their websites, stores are offering specials and deals online as well.Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of shopping online this holiday season:Search – Use search engines like Google and Bing! to your advantage. By using terms like “top tech deals” and “holiday tech deals” you will find links to some of the best bargains on the internet.Coupon Websites – A coupon website may seem like a strange place to begin your holiday tech shopping, but they are actually a wonderful way to find coupon codes for deals not found elsewhere. Check for coupon codes for companies like Dell, HP, Staples and more.Tech Bargains – There are many technology websites that offer a section containing specials deals and bargains on their websites. Check out places like and for some great offerings!Top 10 Lists- This time of year, nearly every technology website on the internet puts together lists of things like the Top 10 Tech Gifts of the Year and the Top 10 Tech Deals on the Web. For instance, one of the largest tech websites around,, is featuring a Holiday Gift Guide full of ideas, specials and deals. ( is an excellent site for up-to-date tech reviews.)Be savvy this holiday season and find your bargain prices from the comfort of your own home. In taking the time, you will be surprised at the savings you can uncover and by doing a little research and taking your time (on the couch, not in line), you will come out a winner in every way.