Nabbing Great Black Friday Deals on Boy Pajamas


Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is unequivocally the busiest shopping day of the entire year. Almost every retailer offers their best prices and deepest discounts on the year’s merchandise in order to make room for the new year’s inventory. Many savvy shoppers spend hours, even days, compiling a detailed list of the best sales on all the items they hope to score deals on. Boys pajamas are always on many people’s list because the retail price of pjs can be pretty expensive. There are several tricks to landing the best deal on sleepwear. Whether you are shopping for baby sleepwear, toddler pajamas or youth pajamas, with a little planning, you can snag the best deals on boy pajamas on Black Friday.The first step to getting the best deals is to check out newspaper ads. The week of Thanksgiving, your newspaper will be packed with ads. Look through each flyer for stores that carries clothing. Take a brightly colored marker and circle each place in the ad where pajamas, baby pajamas, and toddler pajamas are offered at a sale price. Next, write in a spiral notebook the store, the brand of pjs, and the price of each set of boys pajamas. Note in your spiral notebook the special hours for each store as well. Move through all the ads writing this information. When you are finished, you will have a concise list in your spiral notebook.The next step for getting the best deals is to look online. Shopping online has a lot of benefits. Not only do you avoid the crowded stores, you save money on gas and likely save your sanity too! Many stores offer the same specials online as in the store, even on Black Friday. On Tuesday or Wednesday of Thanksgiving week, check the stores that you recorded in your notebook for online specials. Record in your spiral notebook the stores that will be offering online sales that are similar to the in-store sales on Black Friday.Finally, on the day of sales- Black Friday, get up very early, even if you are shopping online. The saying, “the early bird gets the worm” is definitely true on Black Friday. Some people start as early as 4:00am to score those once a year deals. Order your boys pajamas online first. Anything you do not find online, you will have to purchase in-store. Map out the stores you are going to visit and plan them according to distance from your home, starting with the farthest away and working your way back home.In conclusion, scoring the best deals, particularly on boys pajamas, on Black Friday can be executed with some thoughtful planning. Preparing to score the amazing deals on Black Friday can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience all around.