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Are you tired of paying interest on your student loans with no end in sight?Are you concerned that cash-flow problems may prevent you making your loan payments on time?I know exactly what you mean. I was there once… but there are solutions to these problems. Student loan consolidations can help you solve these troubles.What exactly are Student Loan Consolidations?A consolidation is simply a procedure of rolling all of your student loans into one loan and a single monthly payment. In effect, all your student loans that now exist are resolved and a brand new loan is created that requires you to pay off with a single monthly payment. What are the benefits of consolidating all your loans into one loan? Here are the benefits of student loan consolidation.Benefit Number One – Lower monthly payments.When all your separate loans are merged into a single loan, existing monthly payments are rolled into a single payment. Usually, this single monthly payment is lower than the combined several payments.Benefit Number Two – Now you pay only one monthly payment instead of several monthly payments.You will find it much easier to manage one payment rather than the several payments with many different payment dates. Additionally, as may be the case with different loans, it is specifically harder to remember many payment dates than only one.Benefit Number Three – Lower, fixed interest rate.Consolidating existing educational loans normally gives you the definite advantage of a lower, fixed interest. Current law dictates the rates for student loans must not exceed eight and a quarter percent. Moreover, interest rates are sitting at a forty year low. Therefore, now is the best time to consolidate.Benefit Number Four – To consolidate, normally no credit check or processing costs are required..Credit card checks are not necessary for applying for a loan consolidation. Payment plans and terms are normally very flexible. They can be customized to you financial reputation and current standing.Benefit Number Five – Monthly student loan payment can be made electronically.Although not necessarily mandated, making payments electronically will coach most lending firms to reduce your loan by a quarter percent. The added advantage of electronic payment is to help prevent forgetting to make a payment.Qualifying for consolidation may seem very confusing. However, there are several books and manuals that explain the specific steps necessary. Officially, governments both national and at the state level, consider students, currently in the grace period or studying in school, qualify for student loan consolidation. It is essential that you discover your status before applying for a loan consolidation.Government requirements for student loans are currently very competitive, particularly when compared to the private sector. It is, therefore, recommended applying for a government consolidation at this time. The myriad of benefits that may be received with consolidating your loans into one loan, saving money is just one of many advantages.

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