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The publication of The Sims has completely changed direction from SimCity. As for the latter comparison is the old game of depth. The task, a new city from scratch requires a lot of skill and concentration, compared to Sims. If this voltage is compared with the more mundane activities in Sims, there seems no room for comparison as SimCity wins easily. However, credit must be in both games, simulation games have been played the way changes are to be given. His concept has been much copied, but rarely succeeded.I first played the game in the Super Nintendo version in 1991. This version was a big deal right now. It would be wrong to say that it looked like the best game of all time. The only thing is that it is difficult to take advantage of new versions was the lack of money to buy the games. The new year has been highly anticipated, so that tax refunds could be used games.We buy all the latest versions and have been found as good as the original, if not better. Some may have found a step back, but the changeimpressive depth and replay value of SimCity 4 of the simpler and easier to play Simcity was very nice and cozy. This simpler model is comparable to the first published version of the game. The only difference is the presence of new features in the new game is understandable version.Though much easier than the newer versions of SimCity yet prove a major intimidating for players not with this kind of game. You assume the role of taking the town hall where you ‘s given a piece of virgin land and a lot of money, and go to have to build the city of your dreams.You consider every aspect of your work successful to it. You have to fire home stations, offices, roads, electricity, lighting, and all other facilities and equipment are to build a world-class city. Of course, you can not afford to destroy your environment in the process. No one likes living in a dirty city. For those who have no idea how it should go, the game offers a tutorial to help you do the right thing at the right time. At the end ofDay he will only succeed if you experiment and you right.If the game with the best graphics on the iPhone, which was the game you can choose. As you zoom in your city, you can see in detail. The building seems clear. Look at your town is taking shape on a piece of vacant land is very pleasant. The graphics are well supported by good audio and melodies. The melodies of inspiration for the task on your huge hands.The control no room for complaints. On the left side and bottom of the screen, you have several buttons that take you to the menus, when they hit. Each key contains information about a specific aspect of your city. You can go through your building options, or obtain your own by using these menus. For the structures of your card, you are advised to zoom feature.SimCity is a great game with the use of a single defect, it is not suitable for the iPhone / iPod. Build your own city, which vary and every aspect of the city, enjoy the beautiful graphics and audio and zoom in andhow and when you ask a lot of stress brings it all on your cell phone. The game lags and crashes often and slows down even if the city from a certain stage of development. While previous versions have been classified as close to unplayable, the latest version 1.4, the thing is not much better. The game is fun, until your town has been completed and launched quickly. In other words, if the game crashes and crashing.SimCity is a fantastic game in itself. On the iPhone, it guarantees many hours of fun gaming, however, that the game will not be taken to its logical culmination of a very important negative. Of course, the game is almost perfect, until your city becomes too big for your own good. Once this error is corrected in future versions, this game would definitely get a higher score rating.Game: 7 / 10

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