Spokane Fox Theater: Historical and Beautifully Remodeled

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Attending a gala event at the Fox Theater is an experience of a lifetime – enriching, magnificent, memorable. What an engaging way to be involved with the arts! Inspired from a 1931 art deco motif, the facade is currently a 1600-seat theater.It is located in the heart of downtown’s Davenport Arts District on Monroe Street. Fox Theater accommodates a range of events including but not limited to:

Unveiling Product Lines and Fashion Shows
Client / Employee Recognition Events
Presentations and Panel Discussions
Holiday celebrations and Weddings
Receptions and Conferences
Acts, Plays, Dance, Opera and Musicals
Lectures, Proms and Graduations
Fundraisers and Concerts
Memorial ServicesThe Fox did experience a decline over the course of its rich history. However, a massive restoration project with over $31 million accumulated funds was launched to restore the building. It had been a huge success.The Theater was saved from demolition to what is known today as the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox.It re-opened its doors in November of 2007. Thus, this staged for a comeback, a rebirth that avid fans long awaited.Certainly, it is back on track to the days of its heyday with glory and glamour printed all over the place. Once again, it is soaring like a phoenix ready to excite and entertain everyone in the audience.The restoration project proved to be an overwhelming commitment. According to Peter Moye, chairman of the theater’s board of trustees,
Restoring this theater is about recapturing the magic and energy of those memories. As a result, the project imposed changes installing:

All new-cleaned Depression-era murals
Restored Frescos
Operational Electrical and plumbing systems
Updated HVAC systems
Compliance with ADA requirements
State of the art technology
Outstanding acousticsThe Fox mission remains steadfast in:

Preserving the historic Theater
Creating a regional center for the
performing arts
Showcasing educational and entertainment events be it on a local, regional or national level
Serving as the base for the Spokane SymphonyFurther, the facility envisions:

To enhance collaboration among community performing organizations. Creativity and artistic improvements give way to assisting people of the Inland Northwest to engage in artistic events
To harvest an awareness of the arts through an environment that awakens, entertains, educates and challenges the audiences
To enrich family experiences through the performing arts is its lifetime commitmentNotable performances at the Theater include Katharine Hepburn, Marian Anderson, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and First Lady Michelle Obama.As a venue for diverse performing events, the Fox always leaves a mark to those who attend every gala night. In fact, Carol Snyder shared her thoughts, “Climbing the Fox’s grand staircase as a child, I always imagined ‘This must be what Cinderella feels like when she goes to the ball.”The Fox Theater is carved within the hearts of those it touches. Audiences from throughout the Inland Northwest, prepare! Artists from across the country will showcase the finest performance of their lives.Love for music. Love for arts. Love for life. This mantra among others is the greatest lesson one can learn from Spokane’s very own Fox Theater.

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