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Student debt consolidation is a financial process wherein a number of college loans are refinanced and consolidated to a new loan; this means the student borrower is given the chance to enjoy paying a single monthly payment, banishing former responsibilities on his multiple loans. In fact, his previous loans are transformed into a much convenient single loan – all because of consolidation.Financial advisers will certainly be quick to say that student debt consolidation is one of the best way by which one can get out of the well of money and loan woes. If you want to reduce your debt, then you have to make the right move by placing your multiple loans into a program wherein they will be merged. Albeit it should be said that it is not as simple as that.The first thing to do is research. Can you discern which among the thousand of programs on loan consolidation is best to cure your ailing financial status? One of the most reliable avenues of comprehensive research is the internet. There are tons of legitimate lenders, and there are also a great number of fake lending companies. It is up to you to make the right move in searching for the right provider of student loan consolidation programs.Benefits, benefits; there are so much to be gained when considering student debt consolidation. Why consolidate? Here are some popular benefits:When merging your loans, the borrower benefits from lower interest rates. Likewise, the interest figure becomes fixed and cannot exceed more than the prescribed percentage.One of the most obvious benefits of college loan consolidation is being able to worry about just one loan instead of multiple debts. This results in a much reduced amount that you need to pay every month.Finally, life becomes stress free because of student debt consolidation. You are relieved of so much pressure from the previous burdensome debt. Consequently you are given more time to focus on your studies and worry much less about your financial obligations.

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