Student Loan Consolidation Advice and Good Credit Score May Help You Find a Good Job

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As a student approaches graduation they begin to search in earnest for the perfect job. This is also the time to find good student loan consolidation advice. Finding a quality job during this time of economic stress can be a real challenge. A college or university degree will help a great deal. However many recent graduates find that companies are looking at more than just a good education when comes to hiring.In fact many new graduates are surprised to find that they must submit their credit history as part of the job application process. Many employers equate a poor credit history with a poor potential employee. In fact many recruiting services have found that people with good credit histories make better employees.People who are able to manage their personal finances generally are able to manage their job better. Research has shown these individuals are more productive, miss less work and are much less likely to leave a company. Hiring a new employee is very expensive in terms of both time and money. Obviously a company is going to look for the best investment and many times it is the applicant with a good credit history.If you are a typical student then you are carrying both consumer and student loan debt. Education is expensive and that is why few people are able to pay cash for their education. It is not uncommon for a recent graduate to acquire $30,000.00 in student loan debt by the time they receive their diploma. In addition many also have credit card debt exceeding $10,000.00. All of which impacts your credit score and history. Frequently the more loans you have outstanding the lower your credit score will be. Despite the heavy debt load you can do things that will improve your credit history. Probably the most important is to stop using credit cards and start using cash to make daily purchases. Yes this is going to be tough but if you are a good manager you can do it. Make sure you pay all your payments on time and always pay more than the minimum payment. Even paying a few dollars more each month will have an impact on your credit score and history.Your student loan payments will in most cases be deferred until you graduate. However shortly after graduation you will be required to make a payment on each of these loans each and every month. This can mean that you may be making several payments each month. A smarter alternative is to seek good student loan consolidation advice. Consolidating all you loans into one convenient loan makes sense in terms of loan management and reduced cost.Frequently a loan consolidation can save you several hundred dollars a month in payments at a time when your income is low. In some cases you can even combine all your consumer debt including credit card debt and student loans into one loan package. Consolidation will not only lower your payments but increase your credit score. Each student loan program is unique and so it is important to talk to your student loan lender well before graduation.Again seek student loan consolidation advice from your college student financial services office and your student loan provider. Stop using credit cards and pay your month payments on time with more than the minimum payments and you will improve your credit score and history. Proper management of your credit history can yield benefits when it comes to finding the best job after graduation.

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