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I have been working with One Week Marketing Guide for a while now and I can honestly say, “Yes” it does work and you will make money with Jennifer’s plan of action with affiliate marketing.I admit I drifted off in doing other projects and did not follow the instructions to the letter but I still made three sales. Just imagine if I had followed Jennifer’s step by step instructions all the way through.I am getting back to basics now and starting new campaigns using One Week Marketing Guide and following her instructions religiously this time.For those of you who are not familiar with Jennifer Ledbetter and her One Week Marketing Guide; where have you been lately? The gist of One Week Marketing is an outlined day to day plan of action for affiliate marketing for those who are new and just starting out in internet marketing and I believe it can be beneficial to anyone, no matter how long they have been in working on the internet.The main points to remember in any affiliate marketing venture is:

* Study the material you decide to work with and follow through with the instructions.* Don’t be discouraged. If something doesn’t work as quickly as you had hoped, let it ride or try another area of interest or “niche.”

* Rome wasn’t built in a day and your internet business won’t be built overnight either.* Don’t let all of the other tempting promises of “overnight success” pull you away from your original plan.

* Make notes and keep taking notes of ideas that you have no matter where you are. Keep a pad and pen handy with you at all times so those ideas won’t slip away from you.

* Keep track of what keywords you use, where you advertised, what time of day you advertised and any other actions you take to determine if there is a pattern evolving in your plan. Once you find that key, repeat the same actions over and over again.

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