Hiring an Attorney

When is it wise for you to invest in an attorney? Quite frankly, any time you are faced with a significant legal issue that leaves you baffled about the law is the time you should consider investing in an attorney. An attorney can help you through any number of legal situations and can also help you avoid the pitfalls associated with many legal situations. Finally, an attorney can serve as your legal guide and if you really feel like you need a friend in your corner, then it may be time to hire an attorney.Lawyers specialize in all sorts of fields. The most commonly known lawyers are divorce and family court lawyers. Both can assist you with child support, child custody, and family court issues that may arise as the result of a divorce. Likewise, criminal lawyers are lawyers that help many individuals when they are faced with unfortunate criminal charges and the like. Yet, there are many other lawyers in the legal field and people often don’t think about lawyers until they are really needed.For instance, there are tax lawyers. Tax lawyers can assist individuals with tax related issues whether they are of a personal or business nature. In fact, small business owners and corporations often speak with tax lawyers to get advice about deductions and information about the proper methods for filing taxes. Moreover, tax lawyers can help people understand the various complex tax laws that may otherwise baffle them. Immigration lawyers assist individuals that want to become a citizen of a certain country. The immigration laws can be just as complicated as tax laws, perhaps more so, and lawyers can help individuals fulfil the requirements they need to in order to become a citizen.Conversely, there are Worker’s Compensation Lawyers that help clients fight for their rights in worker’s compensation related claims and there are employment lawyers that will help clients battle out their claims for job discrimination and the like. Labor lawyers also help unions fight for the rights of employees and there are a number of lawyers that specialize in the employment area. Along the same lines, for those individuals that have filed a claim to receive social security benefits and have been denied, there are lawyers ready and willing to help you win your case.Accident and personal injury lawyers help people reclaim their lives after traumatic injuries. Likewise, medical malpractice lawyers help people go after doctors or hospitals for poor medical treatment and/or practices. Some lawyers specialize in the writing of trusts and wills while other lawyers focus solely on the art of finance. Clearly, no matter what the legal situation may be, there is always a lawyer available to help.Ultimately, the cost of any lawyer will vary from one to the next and are usually based on the time that your case will involve, the amount of work involved, and the lawyers overall expertise. The more experienced a lawyer is, the more expensive that lawyer can become. If you are interested in hiring a lawyer however, many lawyers are willing to give clients a free initial consultation.

Five Things I Love About Good Lawyers

I recently read about a case where someone decided that they lost their case because their lawyer didn’t do a good enough job. I laughed at first, but then I read further…they successfully tried the case and they won. I was absolutely floored! After doing some more research on Google, I looked for “criminal defense San Diego” and added the word “bad” to either the beginning or the end of the phrase. Viola! I found several other stories. It doesn’t matter the situation, having a successful attorney on your side who can win your case and have the result be to your advantage is so vital.For instance, in one case, a woman who was abused during her marriage tried to ban the husband/father from having custody and asked for a fair amount of alimony and child support. The added complication is that she had suffered a serious back injury and had been unable to work for years but hadn’t been on medical disability because her husband had made enough to comfortably support them. After taking representation that she felt was adequate (her lawyer was female and specialized in divorces…she stated there was no other reason for selecting that lawyer), her case was bungled. She not only had to split custody with her ex-husband, she was denied alimony because she was declared “fit to work” and ordered to work. If she had done the necessary research about her attorney she would have had a very different result.These types of situations happen more than you may realize where a person’s lawyer does more harm than good when representing their clients in court. I have found that if you spend a little bit of time and energy to find the right (i.e., “good”) attorney, your case’s outcome will be very different. I have narrowed my list to five attributes I look for in a good attorney.I live in San Diego, so I would begin by looking online and searching for a lawyer by “criminal law attorney San Diego”. This narrows the search results. Add words before or after the phrase such as “divorce” “DUI”, or “fraud” to get more specific. I first look for an attorney who has a Web site. This usually means that they want to get business because they are confident about how they perform in court. Second, I look for someone who is an excellent communicator. When you spoke with them, did they ask good questions? Did they tell you what your case looks like and the chance of success based on your information?Next, I look for an attorney who comes recommended by others. Have you been able to read about or speak to former clients who are happy with this lawyer? Another excellent indicator of a good attorney is their knowledge of the law. It may seem apparent that they know what they’re doing. But do they know the loopholes and avoid them? Do they know the statute of limitations for your type of situation? Finally, a counselor you can trust is honest. Warning signs include mentioning ways they have deceived others in past cases and gotten “winning results” and things of this nature.Find a lawyer who has all 5 of these attributes and you’ll be well on your way to winning your case when you have your day in court!

Defense Lawyers, Do You Need One?

Sometimes people end up in trouble and in need of a defense lawyer. If this is you, the first thing you need to do is find a qualified defense lawyer to pull you out of it. But, where will you look? Should you rely on the court appointed defense lawyers as your defense lawyers? Perhaps you are wrongly being accused, who is going to fight for your rights? Defense lawyers are quite in demand. No matter if a crime or wrongdoing was actually made or not, it is still important to have a defense lawyer present to help you resolve your case.Defense lawyers are available to help just about anyone in just about any case. Let’s say that you are being accused of drug crimes. You will need a defense lawyer to help you win your case. Perhaps it is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps you were helping a friend. Perhaps you know that you did do the crime. In any of these cases you will need a defense lawyer to help you. You need that defense lawyer to sort through the charges, to understand your side, to interpret the meanings of the case. In serious cases like drug crimes, you may find yourself lost in what should be happening and who to trust as your defense lawyer. One way to get a better understanding about what drug crimes are and what defense lawyers do is to look online. Websites like http://www.thesmartattorneys.com express information about these situations in regards to defense lawyers.Where will you find a defense lawyer then to handle this drug crimes charge? Who will you trust to do the best they can to help you get out of this situation? Defense lawyers are available in every state. But, when you do not know anyone, should you simply just open the phone book and pick a defense lawyer? You would not feel safe with your choice in a defense lawyer this way. Instead, use websites like http://www.thesmartattorneys.com to help you find qualified defense lawyers who truly want to help defend you against these charges.No matter what the situation, whether it is drug crimes or something else, if you are in a situation and need a defense lawyers, you will have to do some research, find a reliable defense lawyer, and do your best to help them win your case. It is hard to say whether or not you have a case or not. Only your defense lawyer will know. But, rest assured that your defense lawyer will tell you how to act, what to say, and what to do to get out of your situation. Defense lawyers are invaluable resources in times of need like these.

Penal Code 273(a) – An Analysis of the Law and Defenses

The State of California has an interest in protecting the health and safety of children, and passed a law, Penal Code 273a, that makes endangerment of a child, illegal. Endangerment includes the willful neglect or infliction of pain or mental anguish upon a child. It also covers individuals who know that a child is being endangered, abused or neglected but fail to do something about it – as in the case of a mother knowing a child is abusing her children but failing to report it or protect the children. It is also true that a child does not have to be the recipient of abuse, but can be a witness of domestic violence.Defending a Child Endangerment ChargeIt’s heartbreaking to be accused of child endangerment if you’re innocent, and contacting an attorney who specializes in Child Endangerment should be the first thing you do if you’re charged. A lawyer experienced in Child Endangerment can review the facts of a particular case, and can spot and offer factual or legal defenses to defend accusations of child endangerment. There are, in California, a few recognized common defenses to child endangerment, including:False AccusationsThere are times when the courts are told (through a police report or criminal complaint) that a child has been endangered when in fact the child has not. For instance, if a neighbor hears raised voices and calls the police, alleging that there are children in the house next door and the adults are fighting, a child endangerment charge could happen, but be without merit. This is especially true if the adults are bitter or angry at one another and one of the adults files a false accusation of domestic violence. Proving that the child was not endangered is one defense an attorney may use to get his or her client’s charges dropped or reduced.UnintentionalChild endangerment is the willful neglect or infliction of pain or mental anguish. Therefore, individuals who did not intentionally do this are not guilty of the crime. An example may be a woman who is continuously abused by her husband and truly fears for the life of herself and her children if she should try to seek police help. The attorney will consider the circumstances, including past attempts to seek help, attempts to leave, and any other details surrounding the case. He or she will use these details to strategize a proper defense that conveys the accused individual’s innocence.The most important thing one can do when accused of child endangerment (if the case is in Orange County), is find an Orange County criminal defense lawyer specializing in child endangerment. He or she will know the laws inside and out and will be able to take the proper steps to ensure that your rights are protected and that your case is fairly tried.

Drug Charges in Your State

Being arrested for any type of drug charge can be a nightmare to have to handle. There are many things about your drug case that you need to be aware of before you begin the trial. Drug charges can be very complex if you are not prepared for all the factors that go along with the trial.Depending on what state you are in, drug charges can be very severe. There are many different punishments that can go along with a drug charge depending on many different factors. One of the first things that the judge is going to consider in your case will be your past criminal history. If you have an extensive past of criminal arrests and charges in a variety of areas, you won’t be as likely to receive leniency from the judge. The second factor that the judge will most likely look at is your current lifestyle choices. If you have no past arrest and a contributing member of society, the judge will be more likely to let you off easier.Drug charges can also be complicated because of the different types of offenses there actually are. One of the first types of drug charges is possession. Depending on the amount of the drug that you had in your possession when you were arrested will determine the severity of your punishment. This basically means that the more of the drug you had with you, the worse off you will be in the court room with the judge. If you are arrested for possession, the type of drug that you have will also determine how severe your punishment is. This means that if you have a hard level 5 drug with you when you are arrested, the judge will not have much leniency for your case.The next type of drug charge that you could end up with is dealing. What you have to understand about this is that there are many type so dealing charges that you could get charged with. For instance, if you are arrested for dealing to a minor, the charges will be much more severe because the person who was buying was a minor. If you are arrested trying to sell a large amount of a drug to someone, this is also a severe crime and could end you up in jail for a long sentence.

Century City Car Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers

A city-within-a-city, Century City in Los Angeles County, California is an upscale mini-metropolis. Despite its well-heeled population and workforce, many Century City car accident attorneys will tell you, the city has seen its share of tragic car collisions.Reckless and inattentive drivers, often in pricey Porches, BMWs, Mercedes and other exotic sports, cars zip through traffic at high speeds. Many of these busy motorists are distracted by cell phones, iPods, BlackBerrys and other high-tech devices as they blow through red lights. Still others engage in road rage that has resulted in many car accidents.Avenue of the Stars with intersections at Constellation Blvd, West Olympic, Santa Monica and West Pico are very busy streets during rush hour. According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, approximately 45 percent of all car crashes occur at intersections. Unfortunately, these accidents tend to be t-bone collisions, which, more often than not cause more severe injuries than front or rear-end collisions. The reason for this is that there are fewer protections for occupants in a side collision. And car collisions are more severe since motorists who run red lights tend to speed up as they race to beat the light.To reduce the number of car accidents and personal injuries, Century City car crash attorneys will admit that the city has some of the highest traffic fines in Los Angeles. When the city opted to install a red-light camera at Washington Blvd and Beethoven, the fine for violators caught in the act was a hefty $446.In 2007, almost 900 people were killed and an estimated 153,000 were injured in red-light running collisions. Nearly half of fatalities in red-light running crashes are pedestrians and occupants in other vehicles who are hit by the red-light runners. Some Century City car collision lawyers have noted that red-light cameras, when used appropriately, can help cut down on the number of car accidents in the city. They also admit that these systems act a deterrent to would-be scofflaws who may be tempted to cheat a red light.Red-light cameras have demonstrated an ability to dramatically reduce red-light violations. Evaluations in California showed that camera enforcement reduced red-light running by about 40 percent. Not only did the cameras reducing red-light running at camera-equipped intersections, but even intersections not so equipped, showed a decrease. This means that red-light cameras can positively alter driver behavior throughout a city.Cameras are used for law enforcement in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC, and many other smaller cities and communities throughout the United States.

Things to Remember in an Auto Accident

Things to remember in an auto accidentIf you have ever been in a car or truck accident you know that there are some things you can’t forget, the sound of metal tearing, the feel of impact and the long process of dealing with an insurance company. If you have never been in an accident then the sad truth is that you will be sooner or later. Statistics show that a person is injured or killed in an accident involving a heavy truck every 16 minutes. That is just trucks, not counting motorcycles, cars or any other type of vehicle. So, it is better to be prepared for the eventuality since it will happen to all of us at some point.The following is a checklist of things to do when you have been in an accident:1. Seek medical help as soon as possible for yourself and anyone else in your car
2. Use a cell phone or if you have not been injured, walk to the nearest house to call for the police
3. Do not try to move your car out of the road or in any way alter the scene. This can sometimes make the police think that you are trying to hide some detail
4. Start gathering the evidence you will need later to secure a settlement from the insurance company or other driver. This includes taking pictures of the scene, taking names of eye witnesses for later statements and anything else you can think of.
5. Do not make small talk with the other driver or any representative of their insurance. They are not there to help you. Do not make any statements that could be taken as you admitting responsibility. Do not enter into any contracts or deals.
6. Contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney. Ensure that they specialize as either an Atlanta car accident lawyer or an Atlanta truck wreck lawyer depending on your case.The last step is a must unless you are very well versed in the intricacies of insurance companies operating procedures. Many Atlanta personal injury attorneys have experience as judges, worked for years in the field or have represented insurance companies in the past. That kind of insider knowledge is essential if you want to be treated fairly and get what you deserve.When you select your lawyer do not be unnecessarily put off by money concerns. Most personal injury attorneys accept cases on a contingency fee basis. That means that their payment is a certain percentage of the award that they win for you. If they do not win your case then they do not get paid. Be careful though because some fees associated with your case are not counted as attorneys fees and you will still be liable for payment

Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

No one is prepared to get arrested. No one is financially prepared to hire a lawyer. Legal fees can be very expensive. It is your life and your freedom at stake. You need someone to “get you out, keep you out, and make the case go away.”Choosing the right criminal defense attorney could be the most important decision you ever make. You need to take into account several areas of concern including:The attorney’s past results are very important.
Overall cost, including up front fees.
Creative representation: Is the attorney able to think outside the box?
Alternative negotiations: Can you settle out of court?
Personalized attention: Who is really representing you?
What experience does he or she have?Look for an attorney that starts by treating every person differently, as each case has special needs and unique situations. Each person also has their own financial ability. Why pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to go to trial, when your case may be settled to your satisfaction for far less? If you are not happy with the settlement, only then should you proceed to trial.The attorney should research, investigate and review every case personally. Your attorney should evaluate your case and defend it in every possible way. However, keep in mind that you want them to first attempt to settle your case with the most creative alternatives possible to reach a settlement you approve and a settlement you can live with.A resolution or settlement is the result of what is commonly known as “plea bargaining.” People enter into a plea bargain for many reasons. It is not always because they are guilty. Often times a person wants the case to simply “go away” as quickly as possible and as painlessly as possible. Other times, a person is accused of a lot of charges and enters into a settlement so that more serious charges are dropped in exchange for accepting responsibility for significantly lesser charges.Most people want their case settled and most cases can be settled. Don’t pay an attorney huge fees to prepare for trial when you can settle your case in a manner acceptable to you – for a price you can afford.Their rates should be reasonable and comparable to other attorneys. I would also not suggest bargain hunting when looking for the right attorney. A great attorney will know their worth and will charge accordingly. You should only pay a flat fee to attempt to settle your case.If your case cannot be settled or you are not satisfied with the proposed settlement, you can decide whether to proceed to trial. In most cases a flat fee is charged. This means you will not be charged on an hourly basis. You will also know the exact fee for each portion of your criminal case. If your case requires legal services beyond the initial settlement fee, then you should be quoted additional fees for those services up-front.